About the Author

Brian discovered when he was young that he enjoyed writing, but it wasn’t until he was in high school that he realized that he had a gift for drawing readers into his stories. Edgar Allan Poe was an early influence; when he saw the reactions of high school classmates when they read his Poe-like stories, he was hooked on writing fiction.

After a TV/Film and writing education at Oral Roberts University, Brian wrote a number of feature-length screenplays; a film short has been produced at this time.

Having written commentary for a mid-sized newspaper and an online site for more than a decade, Brian felt the tug back into fiction. His first novel, Children of the Sun, is a story that goes back to his younger days, when he imagined space aliens coming to claim him as one of their own while other aliens tried to kill him. His vivid imagination led to him writing down many of his ideas, some of which grew into his full-length writings many years after they were first recorded in a notebook.

With a range that runs from sci-fi to psychological thrillers to comedy, Brian does not feel the constraints of a specific genre. The fun is in the story and the characters. Over time, for your reading enjoyment, keep an eye out for what is WrittenByBWP.