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Brian's Books

Brian’s books are all available online!

Brian does not stick to one genre, though he prefers sci-fi and thrillers. Actually, he prefers getting into the minds of his characters as they go through intense pressures, life-threatening situations, and psychological deterioration. The more a character doubts reality, the more fun Brian has.

With strong characters and a compelling story to which the reader can relate, an enjoyable novel is born, which brings us to his five novels now on the market.

Children of the Sun is a sci-fi available anywhere new books are found online. Psychological thrillers Dead Dreams, Wager of Death, and Paper Doll are available through Amazon. All four are available in paperback or ebook. In the meantime, Brian is working on his fifth novel, a sci-fi.


Where to Purchase:


Barnes and Noble

Children of the Sun_edited.jpg

Children of the Sun

Dead Dreams_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dead Dreams

Wager of Death_edited_edited.jpg

Wager of Death

PD Cover_edited.jpg

Paper Doll

TNQ Audio_edited.jpg

The Nova Quadrant

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