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Children of the Sun

What would you do if your best friend’s destiny was to kill you?

David Steele was a planner: he knew where he was headed for college; how his Major League Baseball career would proceed; and that his best friend, Johnny Young, would accompany him on this grand journey.

Then the spaceship came.

David’s life was thrown into turmoil. He did not know that he was supposed to leave with the spaceship; that he was from their planet; that he was their prince, hidden on Earth as a toddler to protect him from murderous rebels.

Best friend Johnny Young and his father knew everything- except the identity of the grown prince, whom Johnny’s father had been tasked to kill. When the spaceship came, David turned to his best friend to help him through such a bewildering time.


That was his first mistake.

Children of the Sun is the story of friendship, loyalty, destiny, and treachery. It is the story of two best friends whose lives will be forever changed by the return of spaceships to the Indiana countryside.

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