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Alissa, KS

"Paper Doll” is a beautifully written true story novel about a Minnesota family. It proved to have all the emotions from beginning to end. It was a hard book to put down during the holiday! Everyone should have the opportunity to read this book! After reading this book it will make readers become even more thankful to have military families, who make it possible to have our freedoms today! Thank you for providing insight into an American family and their struggles during the Great Depression and war. I will definitely recommend this book to our family and friends!

Nathan, USA

If you get a chance to pick this up [Children of the Sun] go ahead and grab it. I enjoyed the story and it kept my attention enough to get through the book in a day.

Troy, KS

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel [Paper Doll]. It was so enjoyable to get the perspective of how the depression and war affected families….It was hard to put down kept me intrigued through the whole book! First book I’ve read from Mr. Peterson now looking forward to his other works!! Highly recommend this one 5 stars…
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