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The Lost Starship

Are you a Star Trek fan? A sci-fi fan? How about a fan of good drama? Brian lit up the Star Trek fan film world with the 2023 release of his 22-minute film The Lost Starship. As writer and producer, Brian brought his own flair to Star Trek fandom and fans went wild. Projected to receive 40,000 views in the first month, The Lost Starship reached that mark in eight days. Instead of a year, 100,000 views were amassed in less than a month (between two different sites).

The Lost Starship follows the peculiar predicament of the crew of the USS Cherokee. Set in The Original Series timeline, Star Trek fans will appreciate the sets, the production values, and the acting. Check out The Lost Starship—Brian’s highly-praised film short.

Pop culture and film commentator Dave Cullen includes The Lost Starship in his discussion of excellent indie filmmaking.

sit here stunned by what I just saw. This is perhaps the most amazing fan film I've seen to date. To say well done to everyone involved just seems inadequate because well, it is. Everything about it was simply perfect.

This is the best fan story I’ve ever seen. I was riveted the entire time.

This was GREAT! One of the best fan films of all times! I can't thank you enough for this.

A masterpiece & instant classic - Congratulations to all involved!

This was really good you guys! I enjoyed the writing in this very much.

An excellent story. Very brave and well told. I loved it.

Absolutely SUPERB! This is a tale I will remember. 2 thumbs up; if I had more thumbs I'd up them.

That was fantastic! Most original story I've seen in a long time. Thank you and great job.

Wow….. I am blown away! I am just speechless! A tremendously powerful episode.

That is some great star trek story telling!! Bravo!

One of the best fan produced Star Treks I've ever seen.

This was great, fantastic story!

There are good stories and then there is this. Where do I begin? I’ll be short. This was absolutely chillingly brilliant!

Best ST webisode I've seen!

I'm lost for words over how good this is. A classic example of the fans making better Star Trek than Paramount/CBS.

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