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The Lost Starship—a Star Trek fan film

This is different compared to what you usually receive from authors. Click on the link below to watch a 22-minute film short I wrote and produced. Not a Star Trek fan? No worries. Yes, it’s Star Trek and it will help to know who Romulans are (for example), but the story is less dependent on the Star Trek series and more on just good drama.

First, to fan films: most are plagued by low production values and poor acting. After all, it’s a group of people getting together to have fun. If they’re not great actors or the final result is messy they don’t care.

To my film: I greatly cared about the production values and quality of the acting. The film was shot in a studio which is a fantastic reproduction of the original Star Trek series sets. The studio has an in-house crew to maintain the facility and provide proper lighting. I brought in an excellent director and cinemaphotographer who in turn brought in excellent talent to the project. All that excellence resulted in an outstanding production. Not every actor is accomplished, but every one gave good performances.

With my script, excellent video effects, and an accomplished crew, we were able to achieve the goal I challenged everyone involved to reach: make something you can be proud of. We did just that.

Please click the link below, watch the 22-minute short, enjoy, then share with your friends. Shorts are a difficult vehicle for delivering a quality story, but in my (not so humble) opinion, the team I put together pulled it off.

Enjoy, and thank you in advance for watching it. (Don’t read the comments before watching; lots of spoilers!)

Brian W. Peterson

Somewhere on the edge of the Great Plains

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