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The Nova Quadrant – Book 1 of a Sci-Fi Series

It’s here! My first sci-fi since my debut novel is now available. The Nova Quadrant can be found wherever new books are sold online… well, I’m getting there. It is at Amazon and Barnes and (links are all over this email). This is new enough it’s not even on my website yet.

It felt like it took forever and a day, but none of that matters now. It has been written and edited and read and re-read … and finally it’s ready.

The first book in a trilogy, The Nova Quadrant follows a group of bandits in a section of our galaxy that will soon be destroyed by a supernova. When the supernova explodes, all life in the quadrant will end. Most flee, but numerous citizens, including the UU Gang, stay to acquire as much abandoned loot as possible, cheating death and the Rule of Law.

When UU realizes they will be imprisoned if they return to civilization, he develops a plan: his gang must help remaining law enforcement in the quadrant. The plan might work, but it has a fatal flaw: law enforcement does not trust him, and other gangs hate him more than ever.

Life holds little meaning. Traitors abound. Narcissism is a useful quality. Killing is the norm. Dystopia is the present.

To get out alive, UU and his gang must out-smart, out-maneuver, and out-kill their enemies. And their enemies are everyone in The Nova Quadrant.

The audio version of the novel is progressing nicely. Using the same voice actor as Paper Doll, The Nova Quadrant is nearing halfway complete.

Why a trilogy instead of a longer series? Two important reasons: one is I have other ideas—other novels to write: science fiction and psychological thrillers. The second reason is because of the flow of a story. I was trained to write in the “three act play.” Your favorite movie was likely written as a three act play in which the storyline is introduced and the peril or adventure becomes evident (Act I); events turn on the main character and all appears hopeless (Act II); and then our protagonist turns the tables on the bad guy and overcomes or stops what is about to defeat him (Act III).

The same applies for a series or series arc—or at least it can if handled correctly. That is the plan. While I have a title for the second and third novels in the trilogy, for now I’ll stick with The Nova Quadrant 2. I am writing that story now. I appreciate all of you who have read my novels, and I look forward to gaining new readers. For an indie author like me, word of mouth is exceptionally important.

Thank you, everyone, and pick up a copy of The Nova Quadrant through one of the links in this email.

Brian W. Peterson

Somewhere on the edge of the Great Plains

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