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The Nova Quadrant, now on Audio

Great news! The Nova Quadrant is now available on audio. Click here for Audible, Amazon, or iTunes. Dystopian mayhem for the whole family and now you can listen to the story as you drive or work out. (I probably better retract that whole “for the whole family” part.)

Using the same (outstanding) voice actor as with Paper Doll, Colonel Ursulanus, Kreeg, Yane, Geeba, and those barely-civilized Andalians come to life. It is amazing to hear the lines I wrote read by a professional voice actor. A well-acted audiobook brings out the emotions in a deeper way.

In other news, a fact snuck up on me without me realizing it: I am officially an “Amazon Best Selling Author.” To qualify as “best-selling,” a book must make the top 100 in one genre or sub-genre—I did so in three categories. Dead Dreams hit # 95 in Thrillers,” # 30 in “Murders,” and # 16 in “Serial Killers.” I’m not sure how Dead Dreams ended up in Serial Killers—Amazon chooses—but I’ll take it.

Since most of my sales are not through Amazon, thus my rankings are usually not all that fabulous, I’ll take what I can get.

The next time you hear from me, I will be touting the release of a 25-min film short I wrote and produced—a Star Trek fan film called The Lost Starship. That should be out in the fall. I’ve seen the rough cut and some of the VFX and it is looking good.

Thank you for being a reader, and remember reviews (at Amazon, Goodreads, etc.) are very important for an independent author.

Until next time.

Brian W. Peterson

Somewhere on the edge of the Great Plains

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