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What To Write… Or, Just Write!

One of the statements that gets me funny looks from people – particularly fellow writers – is when I say I don’t get “writer’s block.” That sounds like heresy. It sounds arrogant – almost haughty. The thing is, the statement is true – not because I’m so good, but because I plan. With that in mind, I know where my story is going, who my characters are, and what the journey should look like for the readers.

Sure, I deviate from the story when something grabs me, but the plan is laid out in front of me. When I transition from the planning/outlining stage to the actual writing, that’s when the story comes alive. For those reading this and who have a story they’ve always wanted to write, my advice is to a) write; b) take a class, so you know how to deal with such matters as character development, dealing with slow parts of the story, etc; and c) write. Write a lot. If you have an idea, write it down. Think about it. Allow more ideas to flow. Write.

I have a friend who took a night course on how to write fiction. A few years later he encountered serious medical problems and later wrote a book about it. The fiction writing didn’t turn out like he wanted, but who can predict you’re going to flirt with death and then write a book about it? He knew how to write, so after recovery, he wrote the book and had it published. (Note: you don’t have to cheat death to get published, even though sometimes it does feel that way.)

Many people have told me they’ve always wanted to write a novel. Make the time and do it. It’s just like anything else. It’s a lot of work, but if you learn how to do something you want and like to do, you have to do it frequently in order to excel.

Wager of Death is getting close. The cover is 99% where I want it to be and the editing phase is in progress. Next time, I should be able to give you a pitch for the thriller.

When you get the opportunity, please go to the reviews on Amazon and click the “Helpful” button on each review. If you’ve read either Dead Dreams or Children of the Sun and feel you can give it at least four stars, please leave a review (links below). That would be greatly appreciated. I’m in a bit of a struggle with Amazon with the paperback version of Children of the Sun, so you may have to buy it elsewhere.

Thank you for purchasing Dead Dreams and/or Children of the Sun, and THINK CHRISTMAS GIFTS! There’s just enough time!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s not too late to wish you a Happy Hanukkah, as well.

Until next time,

Brian W. Peterson

Somewhere on the edge of the Great Plains

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