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Paper Doll Now Available On Audio

Paper Doll is now available on audio! This is a big deal, giving me more visibility

for readers (and listeners). My fourth novel, Paper Doll is a true story, written as a

novel, about brothers during the Great Depression who go off to World War II.

The question I heard the most was whether I was going to narrate the book

myself. Not a chance! I hired a professional voice actor so readers wouldn’t throw

their phones or iPads or computers out the window. Listening to someone read

for 13 hours would get old—quick. You will hear my voice reading the Foreword

and the several appendices after the story concludes, BUT the voice actor is

fantastic, acting the voices, not merely reading them.

If you like audiobooks, you will certainly like Paper Doll. It is a great (true) drama,

the voice actor made it worth it, and it’s a wonderful peek into the lives of the

Greatest Generation. If you know people who like audiobooks, please feel free to

share this blog or the link.

Because the voice actor, Vic Mignogna, has a huge following, sales started off well

on Day 1. Because this is my first audiobook, I don’t completely know what to

expect, but I have high hopes.

On the horizon: the first book of a sci-fi trilogy will be out within a couple of

months. It is a world-building, dystopian story set on the other side of the galaxy.

More on that in my next blog.

In the meantime, Paper Doll is getting positive reviews and responses from

everyone who reads it. It is a war story but not a book about battles; it is a family

story with universal appeal, taking readers into the world of the late 1930s and

early 1940s; it is well written (I apologize for the lack of humility) and now

incredibly well-narrated/acted.

I have not blogged since Christmas, which is a bad thing. This increases the odds

my blog is delivered into people’s Spam folders, which obviously does not do me

any good. I will continue to blog only when necessary, but ‘necessary’ will be

more often than every seventh month, for sure.

Thank you for reading my blog. Pick up a copy of one of my four novels (links

below), or of course grab the new audiobook here.

Thank you.

Brian W. Peterson

Somewhere on the edge of the Great Plains

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