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Reading and the Brain

As an author, it would seem to be an obvious declaration that it warms my heart when I meet people who enjoy reading. Naturally, I want people to buy and read my works; but, there’s more to it. Reading isn’t just a hobby or pastime: it’s a gateway to other worlds; a bridge to the past; stimulation for the imagination.

Non-fiction is that bridge to the past – or perhaps a torch in the darkness. Whether reading history, current events, biographies, spiritual and self-help, or myriad other categories, reading enriches. Fiction and non-fiction alike can serve as gateways to other worlds. Sometimes those worlds are set on other planets, but sometimes those worlds are here, in the present, in parts of the world the reader hasn’t visited, or simply contains characters we did not previously know.

Almost all reading stimulates the mind – particularly in ways watching TV or movies cannot.

When I meet a reader, I know I’m meeting someone who knows how to think, analyze, and enjoy. The brain retains information better when it enters through the eyes as opposed to the ears. Repetitious use of the brain develops neuro-pathways, or what most of us would call “expanding the mind.” Reading stimulates the brain.

Of course, no one – well, most people, anyway – picks up a book with the thought, “I can develop additional neuro-pathways and increase my ability to analyze.” Normal people don’t. Reading is fun, exciting, and intriguing. Some people read to acquire knowledge, but most read for mere pleasure.

So, what turned me so philosophical on reading that I decided to post this blog? I’ve been reading. It does that to a person sometimes.

Okay, on a lighter, less philosophical note, Christmas is coming. Think gifts. Think Children of the Sun for your sci-fi friends and family. Think Dead Dreams and Wager of Death for lovers of thrillers on your list.

I’ve received more positive reviews, particularly at Goodreads, especially for Wager of Death. You can read the most recent one here or others at Goodreads.

Have a great Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year.

Brian W. Peterson

Somewhere on the edge of the Great Plains

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