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When Stuff Happens

For decades, readers and movie-goers have been entertained by so-called “dystopian” stories. (I say “so-called” because the term is an interesting one: if Utopia does not exist, then can its opposite?) Rather than going down that rabbit hole, let us consider that stories of societal collapse have led to innumerable entertaining stories.

Now that we are facing a real crisis—a pandemic that is not without equal in human calamity, but could be in eventual modern economic impact—will tales of dystopia, national peril, and individuals in solitary distress hold the same appeal?

Entertainment is supposed to transport the reader or viewer into an imaginary world and present believable (usually) but threatening situations. This pandemic is not something we can put down, stuff a bookmark between the pages, and fall asleep for the night.

Personally, I am not excited by the opportunity to now write about pandemics. I’ve read on social media a few comments by authors who now think they have some great ideas. First, if it takes a pandemic to give an author an idea, he probably doesn’t have any good stories, anyway. Second, I suspect none of us will want to read about the rapid spread of disease in the world if this situation takes a severe turn in the US.

On a happier note, I have (finally!) begun writing my fourth novel. It will not flow with great speed because I still have research to do: it’s the true story of my grandfather, his brothers, and mother during the Depression and World War II. A number of interesting and entertaining events happened which makes this a compelling story.

Once I’ve published my family’s story, I will return to sci-fi and thrillers.

I haven’t sent out a blog in a while; the plan was to wait until after Planet Comicon in Kansas City, but due to recent circumstances, that event will not take place until August, God willing. The postponement is just a reminder that nothing is guaranteed in life, including life itself. So please continue to take precautions to protect yourself and others, and use your time wisely… like reading a good book (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Below is a link to the transcript of a recent interview I gave. Please feel free to share it, as well as the link to my website, below.

Stay healthy.

Brian W. Peterson

Hunkered down, somewhere at the edge of the Great Plains


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